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All American Global Sun Oven

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Product Information


Cooking in a SUN OVEN is easy, fun, natural, and nutritious, while helping the environment. SUN OVENS are ideal for everyday use in your back yard, at picnics, while camping, or in the event of a power failure. They can help keep your house cool in the summer by keeping the heat from cooking outside.

Even though it is called an oven, food can be baked, boiled, and steamed at cooking temperatures of 360° F to 400° F. There is no movement of air in a SUN OVEN®, allowing food to stay moist and tender and flavorful. Sun-baked roasts are tastier and more succulent, and sun-baked bread has unparalleled taste and texture. The aroma of food sunning itself in a SUN OVEN® is sure to please your senses.

Temperatures in a SUN OVEN® rise slowly and evenly, allowing complex carbohydrates time to break down into simple sugars, emanating subtle natural flavors. The even temperature of the SUN OVEN® prevents burning, so you do not need to stir your food while it is cooking.

There are two ways to cook in a SUN OVEN®. If you refocus the oven to follow the sun every 25 to 30 minutes, cooking times and methods will be very similar to cooking with a conventional stove or oven. Or a SUN OVEN® can be used for slow cooking, much like a crock-pot. You can prepare your dinner, put it in the SUN OVEN®, point the oven where the sun will be approximately halfway through the time you will be gone. Leave, and come home to a tasty, slow-cooked dinner. If you run late, there is no need to worry; the SUN OVEN® will keep your food warm, moist, and fresh for hours.

Additional Info

Manufacturer Sun Ovens International
Product Features

Cook for free - Bakes, Boils or Steams Any Kind of Food with the Power of the Sun – No Fuel Needed!
No learning curve - Create your favorite recipes as you feast upon natural sun baked treats!
Just like your home oven - Reaches Temperatures of 360° to 400° F!
Totally Safe - No Danger of Fire, never Burn Dinner Again!
Versatile, Easy-to-use, Portable as a Small Suitcase!

Additional Features:

One piece collapsible reflectors - The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® can be set up for use or taken down for storage in a matter of seconds. The reflectors literally fall into place at an angle that allows you to maximize the power of the sun.

Spill-proof levelator - There is never any need to worry about your food spilling in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN®. While cooking, your food rests on a shelf that self adjusts to always stay level as you refocus.

Easy temperature monitoring - A built in thermometer allows you know the temperature at a glance.

Self-contained leveling leg - As the sun is at different points on the horizon the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® can readily be adjusted to follow it. A simple adjusting leg allows you to choose from 9 angled positions.

Extremely well insulated - A thick batt of non-toxic insulation retains heat. Food cooked in the sun and left in the oven will remain hot for hours. Cold air is held out allowing the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® to be used on sunny days year around regardless of the ambient temperature.

Light weight, easy to carry - The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® weighs only 21 pounds (9.5 kg), folds up like a suitcase, and is equipped with a handle for easy transport.


Product Questions


Product Questions

  • I see that the pans don't sit flat. When baking a cake or something with liquid, does it overflow while cooking?
    The All American Global Sun Oven has a leveling tray to prevent spills when adjusting to the sun.
  • Can the Sun Oven be used in cold weather?
    Yes, the sun oven can be used in cold weather on clear days. The brightness of the sun is what is important, not the outside temperature.
  • Is it hard to focus the Global Sun Oven?
    This is a very simple process. All you need to do is watch the shadows created by the oven. When the shadows are even on all sides the sun oven is completely focused.
  • Do I need special cookware for the Global Sun Oven?
    No, special cookware is not needed. However, dark, thin walled cookware works best by changing the light from the suns energy into heat.
  • Are Global Sun Ovens Made in the USA?
    All of the Global Sun Oven components, except the thermometer, are made in the USA.
  • What can I cook in the Global Sun Oven?
    You can bake boil or steam in the Global Sun Oven. Anything you cook on your conventional electric or gas stove you can cook in a global sun oven.