Baquacil Sanitizer and AlgistatWhen Baquacil first came out, it was a great alternative to chlorine.  Pool owners loved it.  Our customers raved about how Baquacil was so simple to use and how soft it made the water feel.  There was no more eye irritation and no more harsh chemical odors.  It also didn’t bleach bathing suits and pool liners.  Baquacil quickly became the popular pool sanitizer amongst our customers.  A couple of years go by without any dissatisfaction from our Baquacil customers and the popularity of the system grew.  Just when we thought nothing could go wrong with Baquacil, some of our customers started getting cloudy water and reported a slimy substance in their skimmers.  If you’ve used Baquacil in the past then you most likely know what the problem was…the dreaded water mold.  Customers could not maintain a Baquacil Oxidizer residual and the pool water was always cloudy.  The only solution at the time was to add gallons and gallons of Baquacil Oxidizer.  It became very expensive and many became frustrated and converted back to chlorine.  The problem became clear that the active ingredient, PHMB, in Baquacil could not combat water mold effectively.  News of the problem traveled fast and Baquacil lost popularity.

However, we believe that Baquacil now has a solution to the water mold problem.  Introducing the new Baquacil CDX System.  Through research and development, Baquacil has concluded that the best way to maintain clear water throughout the swimming season is to maintain a BAQUACIL Oxidizer residual. The BAQUACIL CDX System does just that. And, like the standard BAQUACIL System, it's hassle-free, chlorine-free and easy to use.  The Baquacil Oxidizer is what kills the water mold, so by maintaining an oxidizer residual in the pool water, it will prevent the water mold from forming.  The Baquacil CDX product is designed to prevent rapid consumption of the oxidizer.  The Baquacil CDX System is a 3 step system just like the standard Baqucil system, but instead of using an algaecide, you will now use the CDX product.

The new Baquacil CDX System is easy.  Here is an overview of the 3 part system:

1. BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat

 - Keep levels between 40 and 50 ppm
 - When the level is 40 ppm or less, add BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat to bring the level up to 50 ppm. Never let the level fall below 40 ppm. Heavy rain may dilute the sanitizer and allow bacteria to grow.

2. BAQUACIL Oxidizer

 - Add weekly.
 - If the Oxidizer level is 0ppm for two consecutive weeks consult your authorized pool dealer. This may be indicating the need to chemically clean the filter.


 - Add weekly to the skimmer with the pump running.
 - Always add the BAQUACIL CDX IMMEDIATELY AFTER the addition of the oxidizer.

As long as proper regular pool and filter maintenance is performed, we have found great success with the new Baquacil CDX system.  If you were an previous Baquacil customer or if you are a prospective new customer looking for an alternative to chlorine, I would definitely recommend the Baqucil CDX System.