Please be advised that at the time this post was written, the current up to date firmware is 1.5.

Over the past couple of months we have been getting a lot of questions from customers about how easy or difficult setting up the CyberQ Wifi to their devices can be. We have also received a handful of our customers reaching out to us as they were unable to connect to their wifi devices. This post will not provide you step by step instructions on how to connect to your wifi devices. This post will provide customers a general overview of the wireless setup.

The BBQ Guru CyberQ Wifi Smoker Pit Controller

The CyberQ Wifi has a built in wifi web server to allow remote access from your mobile device or PC. We are dealing with a lot of devices from iphones, ipads, android devices, laptops, desktops, etc. With all these different devices and operating system (different versions and updates included), the CyberQ Wifi does not connect nicely to every combination out there.

Here is what I know from speaking to The BBQ Guru and my customers:
1. The easiest method to connect your Wifi devices to the CyberQ Wifi is ad hoc mode. However, ad hoc mode is not compatible with android devices. There are also issues using IOS 7 in ad hoc mode. Android devices will not be able to see the CyberQ Wifi for connection. IOS 7 devices will connect to the CyberQ Wifi, but you will get a no link as your IP Address.

2. Update to the current firmware. At the time of this post, the up to date firmware is 1.5. Customers using an older firmware such as 1.2 may experience a bit more difficulty with connection. When you first power on your CyberQ Wifi it will display your firmware version. If you want to upgrade to the latest firmware, you will need to go to The BBQ Guru website and download the updates with instructions. You will need to get into your command prompt for installation.

How to connect to your CyberQ Wifi:

1. Ad hoc mode – this mode allows you to connect one wireless device in range of the CyberQ Wifi. This is the easiest method for connection, but this mode does not work for all devices. Most of the times, you will plug in your CyberQ Wifi, go to your device wifi settings and see the CyberQ Wifi.

2. Infrastructure mode – this mode allows you to connect to the CyberQ Wifi with all devices on the same network. You can either use the CyberQ Wifi controller to set to infrastructure mode or connect a device with ad hoc to set to infrastructure mode. The latter is an easier method in my opinion.

3. Infrastructure mode and port forwarding – this mode allows you to connect to the CyberQ Wifi with all devices on the same network. This mode will also allow you to connect to the CyberQ Wifi remotely. You will need to configure port forwarding by logging into your router. This method will allow you to monitor your pit and food when you are out of your network wifi range.

For more information, check out our product page The BBQ Guru CyberQ Wifi Smoker Pit Controller. You will find product information, downloads, reviews and questions.