We just received a shipment of the new Maverick ET-732 Remote Thermometer and wanted to give you a closer look at the unit. The ET-732 has many new features and we are looking forward to giving it a test run.

Front of the Remote Transmitter:
ET-732 Remote Transmitter

Back of Remote Transmitter, On / Off button is now located on outside of unit instead of behind battery door:
Back of ET-732 Remote Transmitter

Side of Remote Transmitter / Probe Input:
ET-732 Side of Remote Transmitter

Stand / Clip now has rotating clip:
ET-732 Rotating Stand | Clip

Front of Remote Unit:
ET-732 Remote Unit

ET-732 w/ stand:
ET-732 Thermometer Remote Unit w/ Stand

New Orange Back light:
ET-732 Orange Back Light

The probe wires definitely seem more durable than the ET-73 probe wires. They have a heavier weave. The ET-73 probe wire is on the left, the new ET-732 probe wire is on the right.
ET-732 Probe Wires