Maverick ET-733 Remote Smoker | Grill ThermometerIf you are looking for a quality remote smoker or grill thermometer then the NEW ET-733 by Maverick Industries is for you. This is their newest design based on the very popular ET-732 thermometer.  They are very similar but the ET-733 comes with some great new features.

First, the remote receiver comes with a larger LCD screen to make viewing your current display very easy. The large LCD also has a back light for viewing in dark conditions. The LCD will display your current food and pit temperatures, high and low pit settings, food setting temperature and preprogrammed food temperature settings.

Maverick ET-733 vs ET-732

The new ET-733 also comes with 15 preset cooking temperatures. This helps remove any guess work when cooking. Want your steak cooked medium? No problem, simply select the Beef and Medium setting for a perfectly done medium steak.

The ET-733 also comes with two 3’ Hybrid Probes, instead of one pit probe and one standard food probe, like the ET-732. The hybrid probes can be used to monitor your food temperature or cooker temperature. This gives you the flexibility to monitor two cookers, two pieces of food or one of each at any time.

Maverick ET-733 Hybrid Probes

The ET-733 will display temperatures ranging from 32-572 degrees and allows you set low temperature alerts from 32-554 degrees and high temperature alerts from 140-572 degrees. The receiver also has a “Loss link alert”. If the receiver is taken out of range or loses the signal from the transmitter for a period of 4 minutes, the unit will beep every 4 seconds to tell you to re-sync the signal.

Here are some of the other great features of the ET-733:

Comes with Receiver, Transmitter, 2 Hybrid Probes and 2 Grill Clips
Probes are rated for 716 degrees
Receiver stores settings, even if turned off
You can customize preset temperatures to your personal taste
Alarm sounds when preset temperature is reached
300 ft. Transmitter Range
Select between Fahrenheit & Celsius
Receiver displays between 32 - 572 Degrees Fahrenheit
4 AAA Batteries Included
90 Day Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

If the 3’ probes are not long enough for your current grill or smoker set up, you can also purchase ET-733 6’ Hybrid Probes for a little extra length.