Swimming Pool Winter Maintenance Check-UpThe winter of 2014 has been brutal and we are looking forward to the beginning of summer.  Pool owners are counting the days to opening their pool and enjoying the summer.  Spring is here, but for some of us, we’re still some time away from opening our pools.  Even though your pool may still be closed, there is maintenance that is required to prevent costly problems.  Here is a quick check list to help you avoid costly repairs and clean ups:

1. Make sure your pool cover is secure.  With the brutal winter we’ve had, your cover may need some attention.  For a above ground pool, make sure that the cover cable is tightened and secure.  Also, be sure to double check that your air pillow is inflated and holding the cover up.  For in ground pools, check to make sure your cover is secured in place with water tubes or blocks.  Some of your pool cover water tubes may have popped during the cold winter and will need to be replaced. It’s important to keep the cover secure so that you do not get unwanted debris into your pool.  That can cause serious staining and will cost you down the road. If you have a safety cover, make sure that the anchors are secure.

2. Remove leaves and debris from you pool cover and around your pool deck.  Debris can cause tears in your cover and stain your pool deck, so you want to remove as soon as possible.  For solid covers, you can use a skimmer net.  For safety covers, a leaf blower will get the job done.  Make sure to use a pool cover pump to remove standing water on a solid cover.

3. Top off pool winterizing chemicals, especially when the weather starts to get warmer.  Algae can grow and if left untreated, it will be more expensive to take care of when you are ready to open the pool.

4. Visually inspect your pool cover for damages.  If there is a tear, you want to patch it up with a pool cover patch kit as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming a larger tear. You don’t want debris from entering the pool that can cause staining.

We know that it’s easy to forget about your pool while it’s closed but it is very important to perform the necessary maintenance on your pool during this time.  It will save you money and time when summer arrives and avoid any costly clean up or repair issues that may arise from neglect.