Troubleshooting the Polaris 380 Pool CleanerFirst, determine you have a Polaris 380. The Polaris 380 is a pressure side pool cleaner that operates off a separate pump called the booster pump. This pool cleaner has two wheels on one side and one wheel on the opposite side.

Here are common issues that occur with the Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner:

1. Pool cleaner tips over - float head on back of cleaner is waterlogged.
Diagnosis - remove the float head and shake it. If waterlogged, you will need to replace the float head, manufacturer part # A-20.

2. Pool cleaner does not move, but is getting pressure.
Diagnosis - Belts need to be replaced. On the two wheel side of the cleaner, grab one wheel and spin it. If the wheel spins, but the same side wheel does not, the belts are worn and need to be replaced a new belt kit, manufacturer part # 9-100-1017. (At the same time, I would recommend taking the cleaner apart for belt installation as you may also need replacement e-clips, ball bearings and turbine wheel with bearing.)

3. Pool cleaner is not vacuuming debris, but is getting pressure.
Diagnosis - Suction jets are clogged with sand and silt. Remove the pool cleaner bag. With your pool cleaner running, check to make sure all three suction jets are working (you may get wet). If one or more jets are clogged you will need to unclog them.

If your issue is not one of these listed, here is a link to our product page: Polaris 380. On this page, navigate to our product questions and send us your question. You can also get a copy of the owner's manual on this page which provides a list of troubleshooting symptoms and solutions.

You can also find all Polaris 380 parts displayed on our parts schematic page: Polaris 380 Parts Schematic Page