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Cookshack Cold Smoke Baffle for SM025 | SM045 | SM066

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Product Information


Cold-smoking is the art of smoking food at such low temperatures that the food smokes, but does not cook. Although Cookshack smokers are hot-smokers, this baffle allows you to adapt your smoker for cold-smoking. This Cold Smoke Baffle fits the SM025, SM045, and SM066 smokers.

By placing the insulated baffle in the lowest slot of your smoker's side racks, heat is blocked. You can further lower the temperature by placing a pan of ice on the baffle.

Cold-smoke cheese, salmon, duck breasts, steaks to finish on the grill, vegetables and more. This stainless steel baffle adapts your Cookshack smoker to an excellent cold-smoking machine.

Replace bottom grill with baffle and set a pan of ice on the baffle. Load grills with product. Place wood in the smoker's wood box, and turn on the heat. When the wood begins to smoke, turn off the heat. Cold-smoke for recommended amount of time for your particular food.

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Product Questions

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