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Easy Care Protec - 1/2 gal

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Easy Care


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The Yard and Pool Company, LLC, Swimming Pool Equipment & Supplies, Frederick, MD

Product Information


Protec's powerful Synertec cleaners remove and prevent both white calcium scale-deposits and stains (due to iron and copper) on surfaces of decorative fountains, birdbaths, tabletop fountains and water gardens.

Utilizing the newest technology, Protec's Synertec formula contains a highly synergistic blend of organo-phosphonates and copolymers. Protec functions by utilizing several mechanisms involving dispersion, crystal modification and "threshold inhibition". The product's adsorption onto a calcium crystal's site helps weaken, dissolve and prevent further precipitation. Stains are removed and prevented by solubilizing metal ions (adsorption) and dispersed (inhibition).

Additional Info

Manufacturer Easy Care
Manufacturer Part # 60064
Chemical Type Water Feature
Product Features
  • Prevents and removes scale buildup
  • Control water metals and prevents surface stains
  • Protec protects fountain water pump
  • Eliminates distilled water usage
  • Small monthly dosage
  • Non-acidic and environmentally safe
  • Treated water safe for birds, plants, animals and fish


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Product Questions

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