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MAK 2 Star General Wood Pellet Grill - 2016 Model w/ FlashFire Igniter

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The 2016 MAK 2 Star General has been discontinued. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE NEW 2017 MODEL.

No Longer Available

SKU: 2G-Grill
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Product Information


The Next Generation MAK 2 Star General is here, proving again why MAK Grills are The Superior Wood Pellet, BBQ, Smoker, Grill! Updated with all stainless steel cooking chamber, redesigned Pellet Boss faceplate and our revolutionary new Quick Change Grease Pan System. The MAK 2 Star General is better than ever!

These are some of the great features you will get standard on every MAK Two Star General American Made Pellet Grill.

FlashFire Igniter
Igniter failures are a thing of the past with FlashFire™ ignition! MAK has eliminated the traditional “heater cartridge” and replaced it with an ignition system that no other pellet grill has.

Unlike steel cartridge heaters, FlashFire™ igniters are impervious to moisture and corrosion, which means years, if not decades, of trouble free operation. FlashFire™ igniters are rated for 90,000 on/off cycles. Our new FlashFire™ ignition gets to over two thousand degrees Fahrenheit. The scorching hot air almost instantly lights the pellets in the firepot.  A complete fire is established so quickly that the grill will be at cooking temperatures faster than any other pellet grill.

FlashFire™ ignition technology is proof of our commitment to constantly bring new solutions to our pellet grills.

The Pellet Boss
No other pellet grill has anything like the PELLET BOSS® digital control system.. This innovative control is fed information from the thermocouple inside the grill to manage both fuel and fan speeds, resulting in extremely accurate control of the grill's cooking temperature.

Set your desired cooking temperature in 5 degreee increments and use up to three meat/temperature probes. When your food reaches the programmed probe temperature, an audible alert lets you know that the food is done. For more advanced cooking, you can create custom cooking programs which change the grill temperature using pre-set meat probe temperatures or time. The Pellet Boss® also lets you set elapsed time or countdown timers with audible alerts. It is simply the most advanced pellet controller in the world creating an amazing grilling experience!

The Pellet Boss® is a standard feature on all of our grills. It's an exclusive you will only find on a MAK PELLET GRILL.

Direct Heat FlameZone™
Now, get the best of both worlds in one grill! Super sear your favorite type of meat and achieve wonderful steakhouse flavor and appearance. With over 400 square inches of direct cooking surface, you get faster cooking, searing, and browning. When you want to cook low n’ slow, swap out the FlameZone™ pan with the blank grease pan for barbecuing, baking, roasting or smoking.

Large Cooking Area
The Two Star General boasts a 14 inch tall, 429 square inch cooking area. It’s the perfect size for cooking large items like turkeys and beer-can chicken. Add the optional upper grill grate and you double the amount of cooking space. Whether cooking for the family or half the neighborhood, the 2 STAR GENERAL lets you feed them all with ease.

Warmer/Smoker Box
MAK GRILLS' dual function Warmer/Smoker Box can be used to keep cooked foods at a safe serving temperature between 170-180 degrees. On the Smoke setting, you can use it to Cold Smoke fish, nuts, cheese and brined meats at 70-80 degrees.

Quick-Change Pellet Dump Door
MAK is the ONLY pellet grill manufacturer to offer this unique feature. When you want to change barbecue pellet varieties, just open the dump door at the bottom of the pellet hopper. Your hopper will empty in seconds so that you can add a new variety of pellets with minimal effort.

Ash Clean-out Door
No need to get out the shop vacuum, when you can just open the ash clean-out door and sweep out pellet ash and debris. The clean-out door slides open from the outside of the grill. Another easy cleaning feature of the MAK TWO STAR GRILL.

Rolled Lid Design
The Two Star’s perfectly engineered rolled lid design allows it to be opened or closed easily and smoothly, without fear of burning your hand or arm. Our special lid design keeps the sides of the grill accessible to food inside your grill.

304 Stainless Steel
All of the high wear parts on the MAK GRILL, including pellet hopper and warmer/smoker box lids, cooking chamber lid, grease drain pan, firepot, deflector plate, even the grease bucket is made from appliance grade 304 Stainless steel. Designed for good looks, long-life and easy maintenance, it’s what sets the MAK apart from other pellet grills.

Additional Info

Manufacturer MAK Grills
Shipping Info No Longer Available
Configuration On Cart
Main Cooking Area 429 Sq. Inches
Cooking Grid Material Stainless Steel
Cooking Grid Dimensions 22"W x 19.5"D
Warming Rack Area 285 Sq. Inches - Warmer Box
Total Cooking Area 429 Sq. Inches - Expandable to 858 Sq. Inches
Fuel Type Wood Pellets
Exterior Dimensions 60"W x 49"H x 25"D
Grill + Smoker Yes
Warranty 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Product Features

NEW - FlashFire Igniter
NEW - Sratch hide surface hides scratches and fingerprints!
Redesigned exhaust system - moved the exhaust louvers from the hood to the rear of the barbecue for more even cooking and ventilation.
New slide-in upper grate system eliminating the need for “legs”. Load your food on the upper grate and slide the rack into place.
New Pellet Boss® with an LCD display that’s easier to read from the top down.
New software on the Pellet Boss® controller allows for faster Ignition especially in colder weather.
Redesigned grease drain system, replaces the grease bucket with an internal 2 quart grease drawer. Cleaning your MAK is even easier!
Redesigned ash clean out.
Web control for Wi-Fi is automatically “on” when installed. Eliminates having to manually select the web control screen in order to use MAK Grills Mobile™ .
New automatic auger stop. The auger is interrupted whenever the pellet hopper lid is opened. Safety first!
Redesigned tool hook to help keep the tools from blowing off in windy weather.


Product Questions


Product Questions

Ask a Question

  • Does the grill arrive completely assembled and ready to use or is some Assembly required? How much assembly is required ?
    Some assembly is required. You will need to assemble the legs and casters. You will also need to attached the cold smoke box / shelf.
  • Does the grill include any meat probes?
    Yes, the MAK 1 and 2 Star General Pellet Grills includes 1 meat probe.
  • Do I have to use MAK brand wood pellets in my grill?

    No, you may use any brand of hardwood barbecue pellet in your MAK Pellet Grill. It is recommended that you use a food grade wood pellet with either an Alder or Oak base, along with the species or “flavor wood.” We’ve found these types of pellets work best in MAK Grills.