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TEC Sterling G2000 FR Built-In Infra-Red Gas Grill

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TEC Grills


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Product Information


All TEC grills employ the patented, cutting edge, 100% infrared technology, but the Sterling G2000 FR series presents it in the highest of the high end housing that truly approaches art. Includes mounting kit.

The beautiful, sloping hood on these grills is double-walled and countertops are made of heavy duty 14 gauge stainless. Our craftsmen hand weld these and other grill and cabinet components, then grind and polish each piece into a solid, seamless mass. The Sterling G FR Series features warming racks, removable interior trim and ultra quality control knobs, machined from solid aluminum blocks. Of course, all TEC full size grills are constructed of the highest quality 304 stainless steel.

Other grills, including other infrared systems, cook with at least 65% hot air which dries out food. But TEC's new patented grilling system cooks with 100% infrared heat so food retains more of its own natural juices. Even well-done meats remain tender and juicy, and there is noticeably less shrinkage in food (up to 35% more moisture retention). The radiant glass panels on which the cooking grates rest vaporize food drippings, creating a smoky vapor that infuses food with a distinctive, outdoor grilled flavor. These panels allow marinades and sauces to be poured on top of food while grilling without wasting a drop. When marinades drip onto the radiant glass, they sizzle into steam, becoming part of the smoky vapor that flavors the food.

Wood chips can also be placed directly on the cooking grates, eliminating the need for a smoker box. And small items such as shrimp or vegetables can be put directly on the cooking grates, too. This is because the glass panels prevent anything from falling through the grates, which keeps the burners clean. The unique design of the TEC grills also allows for conventional cooking, eliminating the need for a sideburner. Simply place your cookware on top of the grates or remove them and cook directly on the radiant glass panels.

Additional Info

Manufacturer TEC Grills
Configuration Built-In
Main Cooking Area 360 Sq. Inches
Cooking Grid Material Stainless Steel
Cooking Grid Dimensions 19" x 18.25"
Warming Rack Area 117 Sq. Inches
Total Cooking Area 477 Sq. Inches
Number of Main Burners 2 Burners
Burner Material Stainless Steel
Burner Configuration All Infrared
Grilling Surface BTUs 32,000 BTUs LP | 34,000 BTUs Natural Gas
Exterior Material Stainless Steel
Cutout Dimensions 28.5"W x 23.125"D x 8"H
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Product Features

Includes mounting kit
Handcrafted in America
304 stainless steel construction
Electronic Ignition
304 heavy-duty stainless steel burner and cooking grate
Removable debris tray
Self cleaning surface protects burner and eliminates messy cleanup
Removable interior trim panels simplify cleaning
Allows for conventional cooking as well as grilling - cookware can be placed directly on the cooking grates or radiant glass panel


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Product Questions

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