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The Pitmaster IQ120 BBQ Smoker Automatic Temperature Control w/ Backwoods Smoker Adapter

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Pitmaster IQ


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Product Information


Our IQ120 takes the IQ110 up a couple of notches. It adds a digital display and food probe. The display gives exact cooking and food temperatures. The analog control of the IQ110 is replaced by a digital encoder to set desired cooking temperature and many other parameters include Food Done alarms and programmable cooking temperature changes.

The IQ120 is an Automatic Barbecue Controller for charcoal barbecue pits. It is a self-contained, easy-to-use device used to regulate internal pit temperature and feed air to the charcoal fire as necessary to maintain the pitmaster's desired cooking temperature.

One food probe is included to monitor the cooking progress of the food. Food temp can be used to sound an alarm when the food reaches a programmable temperature. Food temp can also be programmed to automatically change cooking temp for two-stage cooking or holding when done.

Additional Info

Manufacturer Pitmaster IQ
Manufacturer Part # IQ120SA
Best Use Smokers
Fits Smoker Model(s) Medium Adjustable/Backwoods Adapter Kit - has sliding clip to fit most Backwoods Smokers with a sliding draft door. Adapter plate rotates and adjustment clip moves to accommodate door heights from 2-1/8" to 3-1/8". Includes stainless steel adapter plate, stainless steel adjustment clip, reusable hose clamp and kill plug.
Product Features

Monitor food temperature on the display or program an alarm
Automatically change cooking temperature based on time delay and/or food temp
Integrated design (patented) keeps blower and electronics in the same enclosure for operational simplicity and protection of blower
No more melted blowers or sucking up dirt and blowing it into the cooker!
Variable Speed Blower (VSBTM) technology automatically learns your cooker's air demands (5-15 CFM) - no more choosing a specific blower for a specific cooker!
Virtual Pitmaster TM  logic quickly ramps cooking temperature to desired value
Adjustable brightness LED display easily seen in the dark or bright daylight
Adjustable volume alarm can be programmed to sound when food is done or silenced to not wake the neighbors
Adjustable intake damper to choke down for the smallest pits
Flexible nylon rope handle makes hanging easy*
Complete kit includes integrated blower/controller unit, one of several pit adapters, pit probe, two food probes, and universal input/12VDC output AC/DC adapter
Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate enclosure resistant to heat and UV rays
Air delivered via heavy-weight EPDM heat resistant tube (same stuff used in firefighter's SCBAs) - no more bolting blowers to hot cookers only to be melted!
Polyester graphic overlay with 3M adhesive unaffected by chemicals - or BBQ sauce!
Pit and food probes are platinum RTD technology - super accurate, do not require calibration and are completely interchangeable - use a food probe as a pit probe if you need to
Simple and intuitive digital encoder with click-to-select user interface
Virtual BlowerTM feature indicates blower operation - tells how hard unit is working and when charcoal is nearly extinguished
Cheat Sheet on back shows parameters available in Program Mode - read the manual once and then all you need is the Cheat Sheet

*Maintain at least 1" air space between IQ120 and cooker to prevent overheating


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Product Questions

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