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United Chemicals Pool Stain Treat Spotting Bag - 4 oz

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United Chemical Corporation


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Product Information


Pool Stain Treat Spotting Bag by United Chemicals removes rust and other stains on vinyl, gunite and fiberglass pool surfaces. For iron, copper and all metal stains.

Please note: do not use on painted or colored plaster pools.

Additional Info

Manufacturer United Chemical Corporation
Manufacturer Part # PST-C48
Product Features
  • 4 oz spotting bag
  • Removes rust and other stains
  • Contains oxalic acid
Pool Chemical Type Stain and Scale


Product Questions


Product Questions

  • Please explain how to use the bag vs broadcast with the bottle?

    The Pool Stain Treat Spotting Bag is a spot treatment for white plaster pools only. You can also use it to identify if the larger bottle broadcast treatment will remove the stain. The bag is laid on top of the pool stain overnight. You will want to turn off all circulating pumps. You will also want to weigh the bag down on the stain with pool brush or net. The bag should stay on the stain overnight.

    The Pool Stain Treat 2 lb bottle treats 20,000 gallons. For certain surfaces you will need to predissolve in a bucket of water. The 2 lb broadcast will remove stains and prevent stains as it is a sequestrant (clumps up metals/minerals so they can get filter out) and chelator (surrounds the metal/mineral keeping it in solution).